Self Care

Self Care is about managing common conditions such as headaches, colds and flu. Many common conditions can be treated at home with support from your local pharmacy.

Please watch the video below which explains Self Care.

Locally NHS East Lancashire and Blackburn with Darwen CCG no longer supports the routine prescribing of medications for common conditions such as acute (short-term) illnesses, minor and/or self-limiting conditions such as headache, coughs and colds. We want to encourage and empower patients to self care.

“People have a responsibility to protect their own health, choosing appropriate treatments and managing long-term conditions. In many cases people can take care of their minor ailments, reducing the number of GP consultations and allowing GPs to focus on caring for more poorly patients, such as those with co-morbidities (more than one illness), the very young and elderly, managing long-term conditions and providing new services. A large range of common illnesses and injuries can be treated at home simply with over-the- counter medicines and plenty of rest.”

Medicine Cabinet

To support Self Care you should keep an up to date medicine cabinet with essential items such as:

  •  painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen
  • antihistamines
  • anti-diarrhoea medicines
  • oral rehydration salts
  • indigestion treatment
  • first aid kit including plasters, bandages & a thermometer

These can all easily be bought at pharmacies and supermarkets and you DO NOT need a doctors prescription.

For more information on your medicine cabinet click here.

Below is a list of some examples of the different places in Clitheroe where you can easily buy over the counter medications. This list is by no means exhaustive as many more products are available elsewhere. The prices and products below are subject to change and availability.


Product Aldi
Allergy and Hayfever tablets 89p
Health Essentials Cold Capsules 49p
Health Essentials Cold and Flu sachets £1.49
Health Essentials Paracetamol 16pack 32p
Health Essentials Ibuprofen 16pack 32p
Lacura Suncream £1.49 – £1.99
Nurofen 4 Kids 3m – 9yrs £2.99
Calpol 2m+ £2.99
Bells Ibuprofen Rapid Relief £1.09


Product Lidl
Children’s Calpol/Nurofen £3.29
Sudocrem £3.29
Rennies 48 pack £2.99
Optipharma Diarrhoea Tablets 99p
Imodium £2.99
Paracetamol 25p
Ibuprofen 32p
Nurofen 16 pack £1.99
Hayfever Tablets 89p
Lemsip Sachets £1.75
Covonia Cough Syrup £3.49
Beechams all in 1 £3.99
Optipharma Cold and Flu £1.29 – £1.49

Body Care

Product Body Care
Imodium £2.69
Dioralyte £1.99
Senokot £2.19
Rennies 72 pack £3.99
Gavison Liquid/tablets £3.29
Vapo Rub £2.29
Paracetamol 25p
Neurofen 12 pack £1.99
Calpol £2.99
Galpharm Kids Ibuprofen £1.19
Galpharm Hayfever Tablets 65p


Product Boots
Sudocrem £2.99
Savlon £2.85
Allergy Tablets x14 £3.99
TCP £2.19
Buscopan £3.49
Imodium £4.89
Dioralyte £3.79
Rennie’s x72 £4.99
Bonjela £3.59
Calpol / Nurofen £3.50

These products and many more are also available at local pharmacies and other supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda and B&M.

Common Conditions

The NHS provide self care information leaflets on common conditions. Click on the medical problem below for more information.


Athletes Foot


Cough syrups

Cradle cap



Ear wax


Fungal nail infections

Head Lice

Health Supplements


Insect bites

Sore Throats

Sunscreen and Sun Safety


Warts and Verrucas

Clinical Trial