Travel Clinics

If you are travelling abroad you may need immunisations. To find out what you will need print off this Travel Form, complete and return it to our reception. The Practice Nurses will look at where you are going, what you have had and recommend what is required. We will contact you with an appointment for the immunisation to be done.

Please Note: Most vaccines need to be given 2-4 weeks before you travel and some may require boosters. So it is in your best interest to book an appointment 4-6 weeks before the date of travel, if possible.

Travel Clinic Vaccine Information

Immunisation for travel is not a service funded by the NHS. Some vaccines for travel are available on the NHS and some are not. Here at Pendleside Medical Practice, we feel it is important that patients who travel are not put at risk and therefore we provide Travel Clinic appointments.

However, there will be a charge applied to non-NHS vaccines. The reason for this is that we have to buy all the vaccines, but are only able to reclaim the costs of those available on the NHS.

To make a Travel Clinic appointment contact us and you will be given a telephone appointment with a Practice Nurse. The nurse will then advise you on what vaccine you need and book you in clinic.

Any charges for vaccines need to be paid at the reception desk prior to your Travel Clinic appointment.

Charges 2019

Vaccines Approx. Cost
Japanese B Encephalitis

1 dose – £90.00

2 doses – £180.00

3 doses – £270.00

Tick Borne Encephalitis

1 dose – £50.00

2 doses – £100.00

3 doses – £150.00


1 dose – £55.00

2 doses – £110.00

3 doses – £165.00

Hepatitis B

1 dose – £35.00

2 doses – £70.00

3 doses – £105.00

4 doses – £140.00

Meningitis ACWY £45.00
Malaria Tablets Approx. cost for a 2 week holiday
Malarone £62
Lariam £26
Doxycycline £10

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