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Accurx is a software provider, trusted by the NHS and chosen by us to help coordinate your care.

We will use AccuRx to contact you easily, manage your care remotely and offer you the best patient experience possible.

AccuRx SMS

This allows us to communicate with you quickly and conveniently and it also gives you a way of replying to us. It is very important you always update your mobile number.

AccuRx questionnaires

We may send you a questionnaire via SMS which will help us to screen and monitor you as a patient.

Sending you a Medical or administrative survey helps us collect simple, structured responses about your health and wellbeing. They can also help us secure QOF funding. At Accurx, they call their patient questionnaires ‘Floreys’.

AccuRx Self – book

This enables us to invite you to self-book appointments for specific slot types such as smears or a particular blood test. By booking via the self book system, you will receive an appointment reminder which will also give you the option to cancel via a link.

Self book helps us to save time and improve access to care.

AccuRx video calls

You will be able to receive video calls one to one with a clinician and avoid unnecessary travel.

AccuRx Patient Triage

AccurX Patient Triage runs alongside our phone system, giving you choice on how you contact us. This service is for non-urgent medical and admin requests. For all urgent concerns please visit ‘How to contact us’ for more information.  We want to make sure patients are getting the advice they need at the right time from the right person the first time they contact the surgery.

You will be able to;

  • Request a doctor's note
  • Request a fit (sick) note
  • Ask questions or get an update on a referral
  • Request your Repeat Prescription
  • Follow-up on Test Results (Blood Test, Scans, etc.)
  • Any other advice or information that is not medical related
  • Access information about Self referrals
  • Submit a non-urgent medical request

How do I use Patient Triage?

  • Open this link or download the NHS app
  • Select either admin or medical request
  • Confirm this is a non-urgent request
  • Write the request to the practice, giving as much information as possible
  • Tell the practice how you want to be contacted
  • Enter your details
  • Press submit!


**If you download the NHS app you can submit a Patient Triage request within the app. You will also receive your reply via the app too** 

**Did you know that you can save the link above and use it as many times as you want to**

How do I access the Triage forms?

There will be links on our website which you can access via a computer, your tablet or smartphone. Patients who have the NHS app will be able to access it through that.

What if I do not have access to the internet or struggle to complete forms?

This is an additional service that works alongside our current phone system and you will still be able to call the practice as you can do at the moment.

What should I do if my request is urgent?

If you need to book an on the day appointment, please wait on the telephone to get through to us. You will be asked a series of questions to help us Care Navigate you to the correct service or Clinician.

Please do not use Patient Triage for Urgent requests

How long will it take to fill in the form?

For medical queries, if will take approx. 5minutes. For administrative or simple issues, it is shorter

How long will it take to hear from the practice?

All requests will be acknowledged within 2-3 working days

The surgery will contact you as you requested either by text, email or a phone call. You may be offered an appointment or advice, to arrange care from an appropriate healthcare service in the community that we work with, such as a social prescriber, pharmacist, nurse etc.

What if I don’t feel comfortable sharing information over the internet?

We will still be offering the same phone access or face to face contact with our patient advisors we are happy to help in the usual way

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