Pendleside Medical Practice


01200 401254

To order a repeat prescription you may only ring between 10am – 3pm.

For all other enquiries please ring during opening times above.


• Dealing with requests for repeat and acute prescriptions from patients, chemists, district nurses and nursing homes.

• Issuing prescriptions via the computers for authorisation from the GP’s to all dispensing and non-dispensing patients.

• Dispensing prescriptions for dispensing patients, temporary residents and district nursing staff where applicable.

• Dealing with queries from patients, nursing homes, nursing staff, practice staff and retail chemists in Clitheroe where appropriate.

• Dealing with the destruction of drugs returned to the Dispensary by dispensing and non-dispensing patients, nurses and GP’s.

• Delivery to dispensing patients.


A repeat prescription is one, which the doctor has authorised a patient to request at designated intervals and for a specified time without consultation.


28 days supply is both practices’ policy. The exception to this is hormone replacement therapy or oral contraceptive pill prescriptions. These may be issued in 3 or 6 monthly quantities.


Acute prescriptions are issued within a consultation (either face-to-face or telephone) by the GP. They are (or anticipated to be) a “one-off” course.


Any item, which is a non repeat item, must be requested at the Dispensary. A request form will be completed and passed to the GP. The GP decides whether the medication requested will be given, and it will not be based on the fact that you may have previously been prescribed this.


Please order your repeat prescription a few days before you run out of your medication. It is important to leave 48 HOURS before collecting your repeat prescription as this allows the GP time to sign the prescriptions.

Do not order your repeat medication too soon. You should have less than 10 days supply of medicines left before re-ordering.


All types of Prescriptions can be ordered in the usual manner by phoning the Dispensary on 01200 401254 or dropping off your repeat script at the dispensary.

PLEASE NOTE: Telephones repeat requests increase the risk of an error occurring and are not encouraged.

Alternatively, if you have a Patient Access account, click on the link below to login and order your repeat prescription.

Patient Access

If you do not have an account but would like one, please contact the surgery on 01200 401680.

Please Note: If you send your request on a Saturday, Sunday or on a Bank Holiday it will not be dealt with until the next working day.

SecureOrder a repeat prescription


If you are going away for longer than the usual period between your repeat prescription requests, please remember to ask at dispensary for more medicines to cover this period.

If you do run out of medicines whilst holidaying in England or over a bank holiday, you may be able to get an emergency supply using one of the following options:

  • If you are away from home a community pharmacist may be able to give you an emergency supply of your usual medicines to cover you for up to five days.
  • Whist you are away, you may be able to see a local GP as a temporary resident who will give you a prescription after a consultation.
  • A NHS Walk-in Centre may be able to arrange for you to see a GP. In some cases an NHS Walk-in Centre can provide you with medicines after you have seen a nurse.
  • A GP out-of-hours service may provide a prescription for your medicine.


We always try and give our patients the best service possible, but mistakes and misunderstandings can happen. If you are unhappy with the service you have received and want to make a complaint, please do so as soon as possible and we will investigate. You can either telephone or write to the Dispensary Manager who will take the full details and investigate in line with our own dispensary complaints procedure. All complaints received verbally or in writing by the dispensary, regarding the service we provide, will be dealt with thoroughly and speedily and with regard to the duty of confidentiality.

We are happy to receive suggestions which might improve our services.