Exam and Certificate Charges

Exam and Certificate Gross Charge
Exam and certificate for driving a taxi cab £130.00
Exam and certificate for driving a racing car/bike/flying £100.00
Exam and certificate for driving HGV / PCV / LGV £100.00
Exam and certificate for fitness of employment £94.00
Exam and certificate for sporting activities £94.00
Exam and certificate for elderly driver £100.00

Certificate of Fact Charges

Certificate of Fact Gross Charge
Certificate of Fact / To Whom it May Concern Letter £20.00
Certificate/report for cancellation of holiday £30.00
Certificates in support of claiming medical fees £28.00
Certificate in support of fitness to travel £26.00
Freedom from infection certificate £30.00
Fitness to drive £48.00
Character Reference (job, shot gun etc) £45.00
Child Minder – Patient (Ofstead) £91.00
Fitness to travel (pre-existing medical condition) £26.00
Pregnant women fitness to fly £24.00
Private prescription £15.00

Adoption Charges

Adoption Gross Charge
Adoption fostering AH £81.00
Adoption fostering AH2 £53.00

Court of Protection Charges

Exam/Assessment of capacity COP3 Gross Charge
Assessment without examination £55.00

Others Charges

Others Gross Charge
Cremation Fees £82.00
Attendance at Case Conferences 1hr £47.47

Medical Reports Charges

Medical Reports Gross Charge
Medical Report no exam £89.50
Reports to solicitors – minimum fee £65.00
Solicitor Supplementary Reports £35.00
Insurance Reports £133.00
Insurance GP Supplementary Report £40.00
Power of Attorney exam and certificate £130.00
Witnessing Power of Attorney £46.00