For an appointment in Treatment Room call 01200 449117

The Treatment Room is a service for the benefit of patients from both practices based in the Health Centre. It offers a large variety of services including bloods tests, dressings, minor operations, management of injuries, immunisations etc. Patients not registered with a GP in the Health Centre can also be seen.

It is open from 8:00am till 5:00pm weekdays excluding bank holidays. Between the hours of 12:00pm – 1:15pm they are only open for urgent care.

The Treatment Room deals with approximately 340 specimens per week (70 per day). Some of these are tested on the premises whilst others are sent to the Laboratory.

It would be appreciated if patients could assist us in ensuring specimens are dealt with as efficiently, effectively and safely as possible by the following:

Blood Tests

Please can patients book all blood tests through their GP reception in the specialised Blood Test Clinics which are between 8.30am and 3.30pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays,

Additionally some specimens need to be received at the Laboratory the same day whilst others can be stored overnight in the fridge. No blood tests can be stored in the treatment room overnight.

Urine, Faeces and Sputum Specimens

These can only be accepted if:

They are in the correct specimen container.

The container is labelled with the patient’s name, date of birth, GP’s name, and the date and time of collection.

That a form accompanies the specimen or you are willing to wait to ensure one has been left in the Treatment Room.

Although most tests are sent to the laboratory, some are undertaken by the Nursing Staff in the Treatment Room. It may, therefore, be necessary for you to wait for the result, this will ensure that if an abnormality is detected, it can be acted on promptly.

We thank you for your assistance and if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff.