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Feeling Lonely or Socially Isolated?

Supporting Our Elderly Patients: Combating Loneliness with Social Prescribing and Befriending Services

At Pendleside Medical Practice, we understand that many of our elderly patients often face feelings of loneliness and social isolation. These feelings can have a significant impact on both mental and physical health. Here are some support services that can help you lead a fulfilling and connected life, including Social Prescribing and the Age UK Befriending Service.

What is Social Prescribing?

Social Prescribing is a service designed to help individuals improve their health and wellbeing by connecting them with non-medical support within their community. A Social Prescribing Link Worker can work with you to understand your interests and needs, and then help you access activities and services that can make a positive difference in your life. This could include:

  • Community groups and social activities: Join local clubs or groups where you can meet new people and engage in activities you enjoy.
  • Exercise programmes: Participate in physical activities tailored to your abilities, promoting both physical and mental health.
  • Volunteer opportunities: Give back to the community and meet like-minded individuals through volunteering.
  • Learning and skills development: Enrol in classes or workshops to learn new skills or hobbies.

Age UK Befriending Service

Age UK offers the Befriending Service, specifically aimed at providing companionship and reducing loneliness among the elderly. The Age UK Befriending Service includes:

  • Telephone Befriending: Regular phone calls from a friendly volunteer who is there to chat and offer a listening ear.
  • Face-to-Face Befriending: Visits from a befriender who can spend time with you in your home or accompany you on outings.
  • Group Befriending: Opportunities to join small social groups, where you can meet and make new friends.

How to Access These Services

If you or someone you know could benefit from Social Prescribing or the Age UK Befriending Service, consider reaching out to these organisations directly. They can provide more information and help you get started with these valuable resources.

Remember, you are not alone. There are many ways to stay connected, engaged, and supported. Taking advantage of these services can help enhance your quality of life and bring more joy and companionship into your daily routine.

For more details, please visit the Age UK website at:

Befriending services | Combating loneliness | Age UK

You can also contact our local Social Prescribing service at:

Home - Hyndburn & Ribble Valley CVS (

Stay connected, stay active, and know that support is available.